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Upgraded to level 3 walls

Last night ANZACS upgraded to level three walls. This is the first of a two step upgrade that allows us to skin our castle to look more unique.

Here is a few pictures that show what the walls looked like before and after (you can click on each on for a hi-res version):

Posted by: Vaheen, Mon, 8th June 2015

two new add-ons

Vix has provided two new useful add-ons.

download them and then extract them into the following directory:
...Runes of MagicInterfaceAddOns

Posted by: Vaheen, Tue, 8th April 2014

Secret Garden crashing on you ?

if the Secret Garden is crashing on you, there was a problem where ROM gave you an incomplete patch and the following file was missing..


download it and then save it the following directory:
...\Runes of Magic\wdb\event_dungeon\

Posted by: Vaheen, Sat, 5th April 2014

First Improvements

OK, the first improvements to the site are here.

To the left you will see that we now have a random picture of some of our guildies.

To the right you will see that we now have the server status of most of the servers that we use ... these are updated every time the page is loaded.

Posted by: Vaheen, Tue, 1st October 2013

New Website

Welcome to our new website.

After the unexpected closure of the old "" site last week, we have finally taken the first step and have actually put something on this domain name (which we have owned since February 2012).

Well it is all long overdue and should be changing quite a bit over the time.

Stay tuned.

Posted by: Vaheen, Mon, 30th September 2013

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